Cold Stamping Foil

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Cold Stamping Foil

Holographic cold stamping foil applies cold stamping technique that utilizes UV adhesive to transfer stamping foil onto the printed surface. The foil can improve the grade of packaging and anti-counterfeiting effect with the technology that can overcome heat sensitive substrate, which offers printing solutions that ensure easy, fast, and affordable foil applications.

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●  UV curing

●  Holographic design

●  Brightness and clear surface

●  Good printing quality


●  Low cost, no need anexpensive and large stamping machine and metal stamping die just need UV curing.

●  Wide application and meet the base material that cannot burden high temperature and heavy pressure.

●  Low VOC, environmental friendly.

●  Design for the material cannot use hot stamping but can get the similar vivid effect.


 ●  Applying for packaging of alcohol, cigarette, wine, medicine, cosmetic, food, and etc


●  Specification: 630mm x 120m or standard roll

●  Base film: PET

●  Colors: Golden, Silver or Customized