Metalized Film

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Metalized Film

Holographic metalized packaging film can be laminated with other materials through a laminating machine. The film can improve packaging looking and anti-counterfeiting effect. Compared with transparent holographic laminating film, it provides a better effect of hologram.

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●  Laminated to materials

●  Holographic design

●  Brightness and clearsurface

●  Good printing quality


●  Existing various patterns optional and customized design available

●  Make the packaging brilliant get more eye catching in shelf.

●  Wide application and can be laminated with paper, plastic and so on.

●  Simple and diversified packaging materials which can increase the metallic sense of the packing surface.


●  Specification:  Max Width: 800mm;  Max Length: 4000m

●  Base film: PET

●  Colors: Golden, silver or customized


●  Recommend to use for the package of cigarette, wine, medicine, cosmetic, food.