Transferring Film

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Transferring Film

Transfer film is a brand-new environmental friendly packaging material. Transferring film can be transferred to other materials by a transfer machine. It can improve the grade of packaging and anti-counterfeiting effect.

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●  Transparent

●  Transferred to other materials

●  Holographic design

●  Be used multiple times


●  All kinds of holographic transfer films, all kinds of holographic transfer patterns can be designed under the request. 

●  Can be transferred to paper, plastic and so on.

●  The application can be very environmental friendly.

●  The product can be used multiple times, lower the costs of client, while increasing visual effect of the packaging surface


 ●  Recommend to use for the package of cigarette, wine, medicine, cosmetic, foodstuff, PVC, PET and so on.


●  Specification: max width:800mm; max length:4000m

●  Base film: BOPP