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High-end PLUS Product

PLUS (Precision Laser Unique Signature) product is a high security technology product that can realize multiple comprehensive anti-counterfeiting effects via unique high precision laser encryption technique. The product with hot stamp patch identification is traceable with an optimum barrier against counterfeiting. The counterfeit protection is visibly enhanced, and the cost efficient identification solution can be seamless integrated into the brand owner’s production line.

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PLUS product supplies you the personalized security solution through the following methods.

●  Holographic overt and covert security design

●  Each label owns its UNIQUE serial code, which makes the labelirreplaceable.   

●  FOUR integrated security technologies meet your high-endanti-counterfeiting requirement.  


Your PLUS product will include a visible serial code and three other hidden features: serial micro code, lens code, and micro matrix code, all of them should keep accordance with the serial code.

●  SERIAL CODE: Every single label has its own number which is inscribed with the technology of high precision of visible inscription. It can be readable without any additional devices.

●  SERIAL MICRO CODE: This code arevisible through magnifying lens, it keeps correspondence with serial code.

●  LENS CODE: No matter if you are distributor, retailers or wholesalers, you can examine lens code with a special decoder. Put decoder on asecurity label, and then turn it clockwise, you can find the lens code is the same with the last digits of the serial code.

●  MICRO MATRIX CODE: With Smartphone APP and adapter-lens, it is able to be observed that last four digits of micro matrix code are the same with those of serial code.


●  If you are considering a kind of HIGH-END anti-counterfeiting label for your product, like some other cigarette, alcohol, medicine or cosmetic suppliers, we suggest you choose PLUS product. It helps you maintain company reputation by supplying not only complex security technologies, but also the choice of different exquisite laser hologram effects. 

●  It is also capable to use PLUS product to document/certificate license or identification.


●  Meet customized specification need