Fluorescent Hot Stamping Foil

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Fluorescent Hot Stamping Foil

As like registered hologram hot stamping foil, fluorescent hot stamping foil meets requirements of customized logo design and high speed automatic stamping as well. Moreover, the latter combines overt and covert security features, that is, fluorescent security effect, which achieves a higher rank security application.

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●  Individual logo pattern design

●  Eye mark for registration reading

●  High precision demetalized design combine with hidden fluorescent security technology

●  The transparent demetalized pattern becomes special color one under the UV light.

●  Match the high rank security application in registered stamping requirement


 Overt & covert security features perfect combination, easy identification

●  Fluorescent security design can realize customized color and two colors in one design

●  Comprehensive security design and complicated multi-layer material technology build up a strong protection shell from the counterfeit

●  Stable and wonderful stamping experience with high brightness

●  Customized design and specification available to match various packaging and security need


●  Recommend to apply on confidential documents, certificates, ID identification, pharmaceutical box, tickets, and etc.


●  Specification: Customized roll specification according to stamping demand

●  Roll Inner Core: 1 inch or 3 inch 

●  Base film: PET, 19 micron thickness

●  Colors: Golden or silver for choice