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Color Print sticker

Color print sticker provides you a kind of hologram label with printing design, the great combination with printing technology make hologram more colorful and provides you targeted security features.

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●  Combination with printing technology

●  Anti-counterfeiting 

●  Holographic vivid effect

●  Customized design


●  Well match with printing design makes hologram label more colorful.

●  Anti-counterfeiting feature is generated by high security technologies.

●  Holographic vivid effect meets your product positioning.

●  Customized design is able to match your specific application.


●  Widely apply for packaging of cosmetics, beverage, alcohol, medicine, and etc. 

●  Match the application of different substrate material, such as paper and plastic.


●  Thickness: PET film with 30 micron or 50 micron  thickness

●  Form: Sheet form and roll form could be offered. 

●  Quantity: The quantity of label per sheet will depend on label size. 

                      The quantity of label per roll will be set according to customer’s requirement.